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To our clients we offer services in standard and specialised civil engineering. However, the flagships of our business activity are the repair, rehabilitation and reconstruction of existing roads with HOT and COLD RECYCLING technologies.

HOT REMIX technology has been successfully utilized by our company for many years. Several hundreds of square meters of asphalt surfaces - binding and wearing courses alike - has COLD REMIXING is relatively young technology compared to Hot Remixing, not less important though. Today it is mainly used on upgrading of side roads and repairing municipality streets. However, considering European practice, Cold Recycling can also be cost efficient on highway jobs. been completed on motorways, main roads and side roads in excellent quality.

STABILISING technology we offer to our clients on construction jobsites where load-bearing capacity of the earth under-structure is insufficient. Our technology can improve mechanical characteristics with pulverised and chemical additives. Stabilising is highly cost and time efficient compared to removing and replacing instable soil layers, hence the growing demand on jobsites like road and railroad construction, new logistic facilities, shopping centres and parking lots.

Our company has the ability to perform milling of asphalt concrete in large quantities and superior quality, unique in Romania. Our milling machines are of the highest standard Wirtgen made machines.

 With our IMPACT TECHNOLOGY we can carry out concrete cracking and demolition jobs with very high productivity. This powerful technology is also suitable for deep compaction of earthworks.

Hot recycling
During hot remix process the damaged and aged layer is heated up to plasticity, milled off and with necessary additional repair mix and rejuvenator added, passes through a compulsive mixer before laying back on the road.
Asphalt and concrete cold milling
Different milling technologies: Deep milling, Strait milling, Fine Milling, Level-controlled milling, Concrete milling, Kerbstone milling
Cold recycling / full depth reclamation
Cold Remixing or as also known Cold Recycling or full depth reclamation is an economically efficient and environmentally friendly method for producing base layers with homogenising layers of the existing road with repair additives, necessary binding agents and water.
Soil improvement / soil stabilization with lime or hydraulic binder
Soil stabilization is a group of earthwork technologies to improve soil characteristics during the construction process and to improve mechanical and load bearing properties.
Shoulder paving
Shoulder paving, road widening
Impact technology
High capacity deep compaction and pavement breaking technology: Impactor 2000
Panel heating
Preheating of the cold surface at winter time.
Stone crushing
Grinding stones and rock slabs
Gravel stabilization with hydraulic binder or cement
The stabilized gravel can be used for foundation layer or a base layer, for all categories of roads, streets or parking places