About us

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Our Company  was established in 2007 from the Hungarian company Inreco Hungary KFT (http://www.inreco.hu/), with the prime goal of introducing and promoting the environment friendly and cost effective technologies already in practice in the European Union. It is part of Inreco Group (http://pankas.com/) with affiliates operating in Denmark, Hungary, Czech Rep., Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia and Ukraine.

Inreco Remix Srl is a significant pillar of the Romanian Asphalt Recycling and Road Rehabilitation business sector. Strengthening our role in the industry has always been a primary concern for the management. Therefore, we put great emphasis on continuous development and on improving production quality. Inreco was certified as an ISO 9001 company in 2010 and we have maintained this status ever since. Our Quality Assurance Policy focuses on client satisfaction, environment protection and continuous technological development.